Still breathing...

Well, it’s been awhile. Instead of going into a long explanation that is neither interesting or worthy of the time that it would take to read, I’ll just say this: Buying a home really messes up your patterns. Patterns are starting to be reformed to fit the new living situation, and it is good.

Okay, onto interesting things:

Christopher Ropes is an amazing author of weird fiction and occult bizarreness. More important than that, he is a genuinely good person. Christopher suffers from congenital problems that have caused him problems with his teeth for years. He is not in a financial position to take care of it, so the fine folks at Planet X Publications put a call out to authors to contribute stories for an anthology whose proceeds would go towards helping Christopher get the dental work he needs to stop living in pain. A two volume collection, 32 White Horses on a Vermillion Hill, came out of this. My short story “2.0” is in the second volume.


Take a look at the two tables of contents here and here (You can order the books through these links as well.) This is a great collection of stories written by amazing authors, and I’m chuffed to be among them while helping someone who helps anyone he can.

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read the books for free and Christopher still gets the funding he needs for his surgery. Read a fantastic collection and help a brother out at the same time.

Vastly more about me in the future.