Upping my game

The better half of 2016 really ate into my writing time and enthusiasm. Between classwork I was taking at the time and a very unwanted move that turned out for the best in the long run, the impetus to write really wasn't there. I think I got two stories written (One of them now available in a Wu-Tang Clan tribute anthology, so there's that.) and that was like pulling my own teeth. Since getting done with the marketing class, however, the pull to write has returned and I could not be happier. Currently I'm working on my first novella, and there's a new short story idea brewing for an anthology that has my eye. Three stories are currently out for consideration so I get to play the exciting game of "They Haven't Sent the Rejection Letter Yet" and refresh my email every five seconds. In short, everything is back to where it was pre-July 2016. 

I started this site because I wanted a focus on writing a little bit outside the writing itself, where I could put down thoughts regarding writing, share news, and also to share the work of others I've found along the way. If someone writes a book I enjoy, I don't consider it any effort to show some gratitude by letting others know about it. I've got some other potential plans for the site, but for right now I think it'll keep me busy along with everything else. In closing, thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy your stay.