*Cue Sally Fields impersonation*

Work on the novella continues apace. After getting used to the pacing and outlining for short stories, which is my comfort zone, making a novella-length story work has provided an interesting challenge. First of all, there are a lot more words involved. You can do away with contractions, but people pick up on that. The more insidious hindrances include your lazy brain screaming "YOU CAN MAKE THIS A LOT SHORTER, YOU KNOW." but you know that it's wrong, that the depth that you're trying to achieve story-wise can't be condensed effectively. I'm almost at the half-way mark and the surprise, un-outlined threads of the story that are starting to present themselves are becoming interesting to work with. I'm interested to see how it turns out myself.

So screw you, lazy think meats. 

In other happy news, my Clive Barker/Gravediggaz-inspired story "HellRZA" that appears in "This Book Ain't Nuttin' To Fuck With: A Wu-Tang Tribute Anthology" received a lovely mention in this review .